Does Petsmart Do Dog Training?


Some dogs are good at behavior, but some dogs are absurd at their behavior. They need to be trained. For example, some dogs bark so loud unnecessarily. Some dogs do not eat properly with etiquette. Some dogs run away from the yard when left alone in the backyard crossing the boundary.

A dog needs to be trained in all possible respects, so the bond between you and your pet becomes strong. Above this, the dog becomes obedient to you.

There are so many training centers that offer dog training and other pet training.

Is Dog Training Necessary?

A trained pet catches more love, care, affection, and trust from the owner. Therefore, training is a very necessary part of an obedient pet. An obedient pet makes the life of a parent or owner peaceful. Also, it adds value to the living of both the pet parent and the pet.

Training teaches basic manners to the dog. After a few regular training sessions, a very rude and stubborn dog can be changed into a very polite and obedient dog. An unwanted behavior of the dog is repressed through training. For example, a dog who barks excessively and needlessly can be made to bark less or at the time of need by making him trained.

When a dog is trained for once, this training becomes sufficient for the pet’s whole life. The dog learns how to sit, walk, bark, stand, run, eat, and stay at a place. Not only this, but potty training is also given to the dog.

Training sessions have a lot of advantages that change the entire life of the pet. Many people train their pet dogs to build trust, make them obedient and loyal, and teach them a good way of living along with a human.

What Are the Benefits of Dog Training Classes?

Training classes transform the dog in a new way. These classes change the bad behaviors of dogs into good behaviors. The dog learns how to behave well in front of others or at several gatherings.

A trained pet knows how to walk, how to sit properly, how to eat properly, how play within limits, and how to socialize with others. Untrained pets do not know all these behaviors. As a result, they behave absurdly in front of others. Training classes leave a positive, long-lasting impact on the life of dogs.

Build a Bond

Training classes build a bond between the dog and the owner; the dog knows basic manners after getting trained. When the owner dictates him to sit, he sits. When the owner says stand up, he stands up. When the owner throws a ball or anything far, he says pick up, the dog goes and picks up the thing. This makes the dog obedient to the owner.

Being an obedient pet, the dog gets more love, attention, and appreciation from the owner. Other people or friends of the owner also admire the bond of his pet with him. Training classes give the dog obedience classes.

Also, the obediency learned from the training classes makes the pet and owner trust each other. For example, the owner leaves the dog in the yard alone. If the dog is trained, he will not cross the boundary of the yard and run away. The training builds a seamless bond between the pets and pet parents.

Safety of the Dog

Untrained dogs are not as safe as trained dogs. During the training session, the dog is being taught how to keep himself aware of the danger. Other than this, dogs are being taught not to leave the yard even when the dog trainer or parent is not near them. Also, the training class teaches basic manners with impulse control to the dogs. It includes how to run or walk in crowdy places and does not rush when there is a huge crowd. Training classes also teach the pets how to react when other dog pets give harm or how to avoid this attack.

Increase Confidence

Behavioral training through dog training classes boosts the confidence level of the dog. Some training sessions involved positive reinforcement techniques. According to these techniques, the dog is appreciated for showing good behavior. After getting the appreciation and reward from the pet parent or trainer, the dog expresses that behavior again and again and learns in this way.

Enhance Socializing Capabilities

One of the very best advantages of dog training classes is socializing. The dog learns to socialize with other dogs, people, and other animals. Training classes reduce the fear in dogs who do not want to socialize with others. Some dogs do not go outside with the owner or avoid any kind of gathering. They fear other people. Such dogs think other people might harm them. Training classes work on the dog’s body language and make them adapt to gatherings. Trainers works on reducing and eradicating the fears of dog. This is done by teaching the dog along with other dogs. In this way, the dog interacts with other pups. This interactive environment strengthens and polishes the socializing capability of the pup.

What is PetSmart?

Petsmart is a private American Pet Company that has many stores throughout the United States. These stores sell pet products, services, and training to make the living of pets better from each aspect. Also, this company sells small pets to people. PetSmart gives training to the dogs and tips to the dog owners, making them acknowledge the needs of pets and their behaviors.

Does Petsmart Offer Dog Training Classes

Petsmart offers PetSmart dog training classes. PetSmart has very efficient accredited trainers who know all the training methods to train a dog. Petsmart training involves the training of almost any pet of any age. It is divided into different categories, such as therapy training, private classes, advanced training, impulse control training, or even training a puppy or beginner.

Many people train their pet dogs from PetSmart training. The accredited trainer makes the pet learn basic behavior skills effectively and quickly. Following are the kind of training sessions offered by PetSmart.

Startsmart Training Workshop

Petsmart offers short training workshops. In these training workshops, the accredited trainer gives basic cues to the pet and teaches him basic skills. The sessions go for 1 hour. The accredited trainers give tips to pet parents on how to teach the dog potty training and crate training at home.

Also, these sessions give basic cues to the owners on how to take pets to gatherings and make them more interactive with other people and other dogs. Also, the Petsmart trainers give knowledge to pet owners about the vets and groomers. These tips include when to visit a vet, what to ask from him, and managing pet grooming. This workshop is for giving real-time experience to the pooch of 6 weeks old and more.

Puppy Training

As the name describes itself. This puppy training is for puppies of age 10 weeks to 5 months. A professional dog trainer is there to teach your dog the basic skills that every pup needs to know. Other than teaching the dog, an accredited trainer also trains you how to communicate and understand your dog.

Also, in this puppy training, you get the idea about basic skills like come, go loose leash walking, and basic obedience skills. So by knowing this, you can better teach your dog when is with you and get real experiences through it. Puppy training also involves the teachings for the pooch about avoiding unwanted behavior through positive reinforcement training. This is a 6-week course.

Beginner Training

This beginner training session is for these dogs who have never gone through any previous training in their lives. It involves the training of at least a 5-month-old dog. The sessions of the beginner class are long for 6 weeks.

The accredited trainer teaches the dog to build relationships with others and does socialize in group classes. During the whole sessions of this beginner training, the dog learns basic cues of manners with impulse control. This makes him overcome unnecessary needs and wants. The confidence and socializing capability of dogs are enhanced after several Petsmart classes.

Intermediate Training

The first condition of this training is that the dog must have gone through the previous training beginner training or puppy training first. The dog must be aware of the dog training and basic cues. In intermediate training, the dog is taught a bit higher level cues by increasing the duration, distance, and distractions in the training.

This is a 6-week course, and accredited pet trainers train the dogs in group classes. Finally, the Petsmart trainer gives obedience training and other training. This canine education makes the dog give consistent responses to the cues like heel, place, pick, and many others.

Advanced Training

The advanced PetSmart dog training cannot be done without taking the intermediate training course. After getting intermediate training, the dog can learn the most advanced cues easily and swiftly. In addition, many dogs are given obedience training in group classes.

The dog park is also used as an advanced class to train different behaviors in a dog. This advanced class training includes training to walk, training to stay in a safe area, and training to deal with problem behaviors.

This training is done either by positive reinforcement, which includes giving rewards to the pet, or negative reinforcement, which includes suppressing unwanted behavior.

Brain Games Training

Brain games training is a kind of Petsmart dog training in which dogs of all ages can participate. It is a well-known fact that the learning capacity increases along with playing. The introductory class and other classes of the session are full of fun, play, and challenges for the dog.

Such training sessions create a very interactive environment for the dogs to learn. The dogs learn how to communicate with other dogs through this PetSmart dog training. Challenges to dogs make him use his mental faculties in a better way. Also, this brings strength to the bond between the pet and the pet owner.

Therapy Training

Therapy dog training is a 6-week course that involves therapy dog evaluation. This includes PetSmart group classes in which the dog and the parents who own the dog are taught skills that are helpful for therapy dog evaluation.

These PetSmart dog training classes require the dog to have already taken advanced training sessions. The dog is made as a therapy dog. A therapy dog visits different places to provide comfort, affection, and help to people. These places can be retirement homes, hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, schools, or any disaster area. These are volunteering dogs who go along with the owners at these places.

Stress Less Training

Stressless training goes for 3 weeks. These training sessions are specially designed for those dogs who have undergone any depression, stress, or separation anxiety. Stress is very damaging for pets. It disturbs normal body functioning, including the physical and mental faculties.

This course is for dogs of 10 weeks of age and older. Accredited pet trainers identify signs of stress and, through positive reinforcement, bring changes in the dog and make the pet smart.

They begin training by working on the existing skills and treat with the problem behaviors. The separation anxiety is reduced by directing and involving the mind of dogs in creative activities.

Trick Training

Trick training is a 6-week course which is very interesting and effective for dogs and puppies. The introductory class and other classes are full of fun activities for the dogs, which enable them to adopt good behavior together. In addition, the training room provides a welcoming and creative environment to all the puppies present in the puppy class.

Also, the training room is well organized that approaches the dogs to learn playful tricks. But before this class, the dog must know the basic skills like come, go, sit, stand, move, etc. Besides this, the dog must have taken puppy or beginner training classes.

Private Training

If your dog is shy and does not feel comfortable or at home by learning along with so many dogs in a single class, then there is no need to worry. PetSmart provides private classes too. In this class, there is only an accredited trainer; you and your dog are present.

No other dog or person will disturb you and your dog. In these private classes, the dog gets one on one experiences. The trainer trains your puppy or beginner dog through private lessons. He teaches him tricks and behaviors. Also, you are given multiple tips about the care and training of dogs to try at home.

Virtual Dog Training

It is good when the dog visits the class. But the Petsmart also provides online training sessions when you or your dog do not feel easy to come and take physical classes. You can arrange a single session of 30 minutes or multiple sessions.

In these sessions, the pooch gets one on one training online in your home. In this training, the dog is taught manners and basic cues. Also, the problem behaviors are identified. The dog learns basic manners with impulse. The introductory class also involves identifying many problems, such as the trainers identifying signs of stress, if the dog has any, and problem behaviors.

Petsmart Dog Training Class Structure

Petsmart dog training classes can take place either in a room or in a park as a doggie day camp. It depends on the activities of the day. There is a proper schedule of classes for the dog owners for every doggie day camp. PetSmart gives handouts or guides to the owners so they can practice the activities of the whole week.

  • Part 1: This is the very first part of the class, which is 5 to 10 minutes long. The classmates come into the class, take their seats, and the instructor gives a briefing about what’s today’s lesson. Also, the instructor gives a demonstration along with one dog.
  • Part 2: This part constitutes 10 minutes. The dog owners do practice on their own dogs and experience what the instructor has said really works or not.
  • Part 3: It is a 20 minute long period of class. In this, the owner takes his dog to the Petsmart store. At this place, he practices what the trainer has instructed. Also, the trainer keeps an eye on every owner and checks his progress too.
  • Part 4: It constitutes 15 minutes of the session. The owner and the dog come back from the Petsmart store to the classroom and settle there. After settlement, the owners practice another activity on the dog, which is the continuation of the first one.
  • Part 5: This is the last part of each class that takes place in 5 minutes. The trainer gives the owners to do tasks at home, so they get more and more practice with the dogs and make their learning quick.

What Value Do Petsmart Dog Training Classes Give?

Petsmart dog training has proven effective for many dogs. People have given good PetSmart dog training reviews. PetSmart sessions make the dog master good manners himself.

Dog Training Quality

Petsmart has designed all the sessions of training in the most effective way. The quality training given by Petsmart classes modifies the dog’s behavior through positive reinforcement and also adds obedience to the dog’s nature. When the dog owner practices all activities with his dog, it strengthens the bond between them.

Dog Training Effectiveness

The Petsmart training sessions are effective when the owner puts real struggle into the sessions. For example, when the owner practices all the behavior tricks on the dog from time to time, then these training sessions definitely go right for the dog.

But sometimes, when the training course changes, the trainer also changes. The learning behavior of dogs may fluctuate from this variation, and the training might not remain as effective for every dog as it to be.

Petsmart’s Training Classes Variety

Petsmart training sessions are very unique, and each session deals with its own kind of dog behavior management. You can find multiple types of sessions which start from beginner’s level to advanced level. Either you can schedule a single session or multiple sessions. Petsmart also gives the facility of online classes other than physical doggie day camp classes. Every kind of session has its specific duration. It allows a specific age of dogs except for a few training sessions, which allows any kind of dog to participate in the activities.

Petsmart Training Classes Price

Like every pet training center, Petsmart also has fixed prices for sessions. So you will find a standard price for every session. But some sessions are cheaper than others. Also, PetSmart offers a customized selection of training sessions. So the owner can pay according to the customized training plan.

Following are the general pricing of dog training sessions offered by PetSmart.

  • For joining the physical class and others, PetSmart charges $15 to $30 for each session of 1 hour, depending upon the class range.
  • For getting the training privately from a behaviorist or an accredited trainer, PetSmart charges $70 to $90 per hour.
  • For getting one-on-one training from the Petsmart accredited trainers, the charges vary according to the duration of the session. For example, for the half-hour training, it costs $45; for a one-hour training session, it costs $89, and for 4 hours training sessions, the amount becomes $219.
  • Also, Petsmart gives free counseling sessions to newcomers or who want consultation. This lasts for 15 minutes. In this counseling, the trainer judges which training session is best for your dog after getting a complete approach to your dog.


PetSmart gives multiple training sessions other than pet products and services. These training sessions are available in a range from training to advance training. It also gives therapy dog training and virtual training. All these training sessions can be customized according to owners’ choice. The accredited trainers train the dogs in their behavior, making them learn a positive attitude toward living.

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