Here’s My Story

Chris Tupper

Hi there, I’m Chris, and The Dog Central is my creation for all things related to our four-legged friends.

For me, dogs are more than just a pet, and if you’re here you probably take your canine just as seriously and lovingly as I do.

I’ve always had a pet dog for as long as I can remember, and mostly more than one, and each of them have had their very own personality and traits that make them special.

With this in mind, I believe dogs deserve to have the best, and it’s our responsibility as their owners to make that happen.

The Dog Central was created for dog owners like you who also want the best for their pets, and are interested in learning exactly how we can give them the most fulfilling and happiest life possible.

Whether it’s choosing healthy treats for them, training them, or understanding certain medical issues that can plague them, this website intends to have it all.

Dogs are one of the most special animals in the world and there’s a good reason why millions of us choose to have them as pets.

A dog can be so much more than just a pet though, and their human-like qualities of loyalty and compassion make us want to do better for them constantly.

These days, it’s never been easier to give your pet the royal treatment they deserve as the market for all things dog-related has exploded.

With my help, I can point you in the right direction of all things canine-friendly, from food and toys to health and lifestyle topics.

The Dog Central is intended to be an informational hub designed for dog owners like you who truly care about their pet, and I want to take my own years of experience as a dog owner and lover and share them with the world.